About me

    My name is Anastasia Prosalenti and I am a wedding celebrant at symbolic marriage ceremonies in Corfu, Greece. I have been officiating symbolic wedding ceremonies for 5 years, creating for each couple not ordinary customized scripts in three languages. For me being a wedding officiant is more than a job, it is the part of my life which is filled with positive vibes thanks to my lovely couples.  

New season 2023 is coming - save the date!

If you are planning your destination wedding in Corfu and still looking for someone special to officiate your symbolic wedding ceremony – I will be happy to take this responsibility, to create a customized script based on your love story and to officiate the wedding ceremony according to your vision and my professional experience.

     I know how stressful can be the wedding planning process, so many things you have to keep in mind even if you have a wedding planner. I will do my best to make our communication easy, positive and productive for all of us! 

 Corfu, Greece

 Phone: +306987685040

 Email: anastasiaprosalenti@gmail.com